For 2015, we've decided to be seasonal and remain closed until May. We will be offering a selection of classes though! To stay up to date on class offerings and our summer opening, please sign up for updates.

Upcoming Kismet Classes

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Pizza Party

Febuary 28, 4:30-7pm (2.5 hours)

Discuss crust and pizza pitfalls with Pizza guy!

In this hands on class you will get to stretch dough like a pro -while you make 2 pizzas to your liking. We will eat fresh tasty pizza’s during the class and you get to bring home the two master-pizzas you create, as well as crust recipes and sauce ideas!

Yes you get to play with the wood fired oven :}

Vegetable Curry Class

Saturday March 14th, 3:30-7:30pm (4 hours)

We will learn about curry (the leaf) and we will discuss the heavenly scented dishes called Curry’s, with our friend Bill Galligan*. You will learn what a curry is, how it differs between cultures, how to stock a curry pantry, and how how to cook a curry. We will provide both familiar and Asian ingredients to cook with. We will smell, taste, and prepare intense and amazing flavors, then eat supper together - tasting and talking! You will get to build a custom curry (or curry’s if you like) to take home.

These dishes can be made Gf and Vegan, but we will also explore the more traditional use of fish sauce and shrimp pastes. Please let us know if you have a preference when making your reservation. This class has an 8 person limit.

*Bill is a local foodie that loves to cook for folks, eat with good company and season his life liberally! You can find him peddling his spice blends at local farmers markets and cooking at events all summer!

(Includes personalized instruction, dinner, and 1 take home curry w/ rice noodles (1 qt is enough for 2 meals)
$15 per additional take home meal (for 2 w/ noodles) -please pre order these when booking your class